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Sore throats are very common and are usually nothing to worry about. They’re often one of the first signs of a cold or flu and are easy to treat. Very occasionally they can be caused by a streptococcal infection.

Most resolve within three to ten days.

    • Redness at the back of the mouth

    • A dry, scratchy throat

    • Pain when swallowing

    • Bad breath

    • A slight cough

    • Swollen neck glands

    • A high temperature (especially in children)

  • You can treat your sore throat by drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, eating cool or soft foods and sucking ice cubes, icy lollies or hard sweets.

    You should also avoid smoking or smoky places as this can irritate the throat even more.

    You may also like to take paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve the pain or discomfort and used medicated lozenges or anaesthetic sprays instead. Always speak to your pharmacist for advice. 

    If a streptococcal infection has been diagnosed, you will be treated with antibiotics.

Further resources

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