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Impetigo is a common skin infection which often affects both children and adults. It’s also highly contagious.

When treated, the symptoms usually clear up within a week of treatment or clear up on their own within a few weeks.

  • If you’re suffering from impetigo, you’ll develop red sores or blisters. They’re most likely to start on your hands, face or tummy.

    These can be itchy or even painful and get bigger or spread to different parts of your body. Any blisters will quickly burst and leave crusty brown patches.

  • Impetigo can be treated easily with an antibiotic cream. If it’s very bad then you will be prescribed antibiotics. Even if it starts to clear up before you’ve finished the course of antibiotics, you must continue to use or take them as it could return.

    You should also try to stay away from other people during the first 48 hours of developing the sores or blisters as this is when you’re most contagious. Don’t go to the gym, play contact sports, share towels or bedding or scratch the sores.

Further Resources

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