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Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence), especially when they’re over 40. 

It can be due to stress, anxiety, drinking too much alcohol, a poor diet, lack of exercise or an underlying health problem. Occasionally it can be a side effect of taking another type of medication or a symptom of underlying problems with a personal relationship.

If it continues to happen, it’s worth seeking advice from a healthcare professional.

  • The treatment for your erectile dysfunction depends on what is causing it.

    • If it’s caused by stress, it can often be treated by learning how to better manage your stress and perhaps using stress-relieving techniques such as meditation and visualisation or getting more exercise.

    • If it’s caused by narrowing of the blood vessels, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you may be given medicine to lower your blood pressure and statins to lower cholesterol. Diet and lifestyle also play an important role, so speak to your Pharmacist for advice.

    • If it’s caused by hormone problems then you may be given a hormonal treatment.

    • If it’s caused by the side effects of taking medication, you might like to discuss alternatives with your pharmacist.


    Remember that relationship issues can also play a part so it’s often worth considering how to make improvements in that area too.

    You may also like to take sildenafil (Viagra) or similar medicines such as tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra) and avanafil (Spedra).

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