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Stop Smoking Clinic (Smoking Cessation)

Get the advice, support and products you need to quit smoking for good.

Get the advice, support and products you need to quit smoking for good.

Kick the smoking habit with our Stop Smoking Clinic

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the UK, with an estimated 80,000 deaths each year caused by smoking. If you want to protect your health as well as look and feel younger and more energetic, quit smoking today. 

We know this is easier said than done. That is why we offer a Stop Smoking Service that can provide you with the expert advice and support you need to help you quit smoking for good. 

Pop into your local Whitworth pharmacy and we’ll give you the help you need today. Alternatively, our online shop provides stop-smoking products to help you.

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The Stop Smoking Service is an NHS-funded service which gives you all the support and advice you need to quit smoking for good. 

We can help you create your own effective ‘Quit Smoking Action Plan’, set a date to quit and provide the expert advice and support you need. You can also enjoy one-to-one behavioural support sessions with a fully trained and accredited stop-smoking advisor as well as access to many nicotine replacement and stop-smoking products that can help. 

To help keep you motivated, we will also take a carbon monoxide reading at every visit to assess your progress and refer you to specialist services if necessary.

It is never too late to quit smoking. Whether you have been smoking for almost your entire life or just a couple of years, you can improve your short- and long-term health by quitting.

For example, did you know that quitting can…

  • Reduce your risk of developing cancer

  • Reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack or heart disease

  • Give you healthier, younger-looking skin

  • Improve your fitness levels

  • Make breathing easier 

  • Improve your performance in bed 

  • Boost your fertility

  • Allow you to enjoy your food and drink more

  • Reduce your stroke risk

  • Improve PMS and symptoms of menopause

  • Protect loved ones from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke

  • Save you money 

The Stop Smoking Service is suitable for anyone who would like to quit smoking for good. 

Just pop into your local Whitworth Pharmacy and speak to a member of staff for more help.

  • 1. Is the Stop Smoking Service free? 
    Yes, the Stop Smoking Service is NHS-funded. You may be required to pay for any smoking cessation products unless you are exempt from paying prescription charges. 

    2. Do I need to make an appointment for the Stop Smoking Service?
    No, you do not need to make an appointment. Simply pop into any of our pharmacies and we can help you out. 

    3. How long do the Stop Smoking appointments take?
    Usually, we allow 15 minutes for our Stop Smoking appointment so we can provide the best help possible, although we can take slightly longer if needed.

If you’re determined to quit smoking, the free NHS Stop Smoking Service may be able to help. Receive advice and support and plus one-to-one behavioural support sessions that chart your progress. Take the first step by popping into your local Whitworth Pharmacy today.