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Pneumonia Vaccination Service

Protect you and your family against pneumonia with our private vaccination service.

Protect you and your family against pneumonia with our private vaccination service.

Pneumonia is a serious illness that kills around 30,000 people in the UK every year. 

Protect yourself by getting the pneumonia vaccine from Whitworth’s Pharmacy. 

Visit your local Whitworth Pharmacy for more information or to book your appointment.

  • Pneumonia is a swelling of the tissue of your lungs that makes it hard to breathe. It can affect one or both lungs and can affect people of all ages. 

    It can be caused by bacterial infections or viruses like the coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Certain groups such as the very young, the elderly or those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and asthma as well as those with a weakened immune system.

  • The most common symptoms of pneumonia include:

    • Difficulty breathing, even when resting

    • Rapid heartbeat

    • High temperature

    • A dry cough or a cough with thick yellow, green brown or blood-stained phlegm

    • Chest pain that gets worse when coughing or breathing

    • Loss of appetite

    • Sweating and shivering 

    Find out more about pneumonia by visiting the NHS website.

  • The pneumonia vaccine we offer at Whitworth Pharmacy is suitable for anyone over the age of 18.

  • 1. Book your vaccination
    Pop into your local branch or give us a ring to book your appointment. All of our branches can offer this service. 

    2. Come for your appointment
    When you arrive for your appointment, you will be taken to a private consultation room. 

    Your pharmacist will ask you some brief questions about your medical history and any medicines you are taking. They will also tell you more about the vaccine and answer any questions that you might have. 

    If the pneumonia vaccination is suitable for you, you will be given your jab immediately.

  • 1. Can I have the pneumonia vaccine and flu jab together? 
    Yes. Contact us today to book your flu jab and pneumonia vaccination. 

    2. Do I need to get vaccinated every year?
    No, a single pneumonia vaccination is enough for most people. 

    3. Can I get the pneumonia vaccine for free on the NHS?
    If you are in a high-risk group, you may be able to get a pneumonia vaccine for free at your GP surgery. However, the pneumonia vaccine service we offer is a private service.

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