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Meningitis B Vaccination Service

Protect you and your family against Meningitis with our private vaccination service.

Protect you and your family against Meningitis with our private vaccination service.

Access our private Meningitis B Vaccination Service

Meningococcal group B bacteria is responsible for around 90% of the meningococcal infections in the UK. 

Protect yourself and your family by getting the meningitis B vaccine today*. 

Visit your local Whitworth Pharmacy to find out more about the Meningitis B vaccine. 

*Available at Citydoc branches only.

Meningitis B is a type of meningococcal disease (often referred to as meningitis). It causes approximately 80% of all cases of bacterial meningitis in the UK. It can attack the brain and spinal cord and cause a serious infection of the blood called septicemia. 

Approximately 10-15% of those who are infected will die and around one in four who survive suffer serious complications such as amputation, deafness, epilepsy and learning difficulties. 

It usually affects children under 5 (especially those under 1) and teenagers aged 15-19 years old. There are around 1,200 cases in the UK each year.

Symptoms of meningitis can develop and worsen rapidly. This means quick diagnosis is imperative.

The symptoms can include: 

  • A red pinprick rash that develops into red or purple blotches (the rash doesn’t always occur and can be harder to spot on darker skin- please check the NHS guidelines here.)

  • A severe headache

  • A dislike of bright lights 

  • Sudden onset of a high fever 

  • Vomiting

  • Painful joints 

  • Fitting

  • Drowsiness that can deteriorate into a coma

Symptoms of meningitis in babies and toddlers might also include;  

  • Refusing food or vomiting

  • Fretful, dislikes being handled 

  • Drowsy, floppy or unresponsive

  • Rapid breathing or grunting

  • High-pitched moaning or whimpering

  • Blank staring, inactivity, hard to wake up

  • Neck retraction with arching of the back

  • Pale and blotchy complexion

  • Tense, bulging fontanelle (soft spot)

The meningitis B vaccine is for adults and children aged over 2. 

The vaccine was introduced to the childhood vaccination programme in 2015, however, those born before this date are unlikely to have received it. Contact your GP if you’re unsure whether you have been vaccinated.

Meningitis is most common in children under 5, teenagers between 15-19 and also those over the age of 45. However, it can affect anyone.

  • 1. Book your vaccination
    The meningitis vaccination service is only available at Citydoc branches. Simply pop in or give us a ring to book your appointment. 

    2. Come for your meningitis vaccination appointment
    You and your family will be welcomed to the pharmacy and taken to a private consultation room. Then your pharmacist will ask you a few questions about your health, your medical history and any medicines you are taking. They will tell you more about the vaccine itself and you can ask any questions you might have. 

    If you or your child is suitable for the vaccination, you’ll receive this in the upper arm or thigh. 

    3. Return for the second dose 
    You’ll need to return four weeks later for your second dose of the vaccination.

  • 1. How much does the meningitis B vaccination cost?
    Please speak to our pharmacist to get the cost for the vaccinations.. 

    2. How is meningitis spread? 
    Meningitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It can be spread by sneezing, coughing, kissing and sharing cutlery. 

    3. Can the MenB vaccine cause meningitis? 
    No, the vaccine is not a live vaccine. This means it cannot cause meningitis.

The Meningitis vaccine is now part of the childhood vaccination programme but anyone born before 2015 is unlikely to have received it. You can protect your family against this dangerous disease with our private vaccination service. Call Whitworth Pharmacy today to make an appointment.