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Hair Loss Treatment

Get support and treatment for hair loss based on your DNA and lifestyle factors

Get support and treatment for hair loss based on your DNA and lifestyle factors

Get hair loss treatment that’s personalised for you

Hair loss happens to men and women and can be caused by health and lifestyle factors we are unable to control. If left untreated hair loss can progress over time and with so many products and services available, how do you know which one is right for you?  


This is why we have partnered with Fagron to offer our patients a personalised treatment solution for hair loss. Their tests look at DNA and lifestyle factors to understand the right treatment for you.  

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There are many reasons why people suffer from hair loss and it is not always clear to understand these reasons and why it is happening to you. That’s why at Whitworth Pharmacy we wanted to find a solution that provides accurate and reliable results and removes the guesswork from the many products available.  


Our hair loss service starts with a simple saliva swab to obtain a sample of your DNA and a lifestyle questionnaire completed with our pharmacist. Whitworth then sends your swab and questionnaire to the Fagron state of art laboratory to analyse the DNA alongside the information you have provided.  


This enables a personalised treatment plan and prescription created for your needs and delivered by our pharmacists. We understand that hair growth does not happen overnight so we will conduct a review after roughly two weeks and then at the end of the first month to see how you are getting on. Photo evidence can also be obtained to see the stages of progress as you work through your treatment plan.  


Working with a pharmacy team means any healthcare concerns or changes you experience; can easily be adapted to your hair loss treatment and assess your needs. A full service under one roof.   


The benefits of this personalised hair loss treatment include: 

  • A unique analysis determined by your genetics and lifestyle  

  • A full report on our findings and expert support from our pharmacist  

  • Scientifically validated solution  

  • Saves you time and money testing out products and recommends the right solution for your needs  

  • A simple and efficient test process  

  • Peace of mind and guidance along this journey

Frequently asked questions:

  • The genetic variations analysed are associated with 7 different hair loss treatment categories: 

    • Prostaglandins metabolism 

    • Inflammation 

    • Androgenic effect 

    • Vasodilation and blood circulation 

    • Collagen synthesis 

    • Deficit of vitamins and minerals 

    • Insulin metabolism 

  • The sample is obtained via an oral swab. It is a simple and painless process done by our pharmacists in a private consultation room.  

  • The results will tell you the type of genetic gene mutation and how lifestyle factors are contributing towards hair loss. This allows us to recommend the correct treatment, personalised to you.  

  • The service starts at £275. This includes: 

    • The initial consultation, swab and lifestyle questionnaire 

    • Your swab to be posted to the Fagron laboratory and extensive analysis 

    • A full report on the findings and personalised plan  

    • One month prescription  

    • Two additional consultations with our pharmacist halfway through the month and then at the end 

  • Hair growth may vary depending on each individual, some people see changes in a matter of weeks other months. However, by using the Fagron hair loss service you don’t have to trial products and we can match you with the right treatment from the beginning. This will reduce the product testing time you’d have to go through alone.   

Worried about hair loss? We’re here to help with a personalised analysis and treatment plan that is scientifically validated. By understanding your DNA and lifestyle factors we can help you with your hair loss concerns. Make an appointment request below to find out more.