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Pharmacy Services

Ear Piercing Service

Free ear piercing service when you buy a pair of earrings by trained healthcare professionals.

Free ear piercing service when you buy a pair of earrings by trained healthcare professionals.

Walk-in Ear Piercing Service

With our walk-in ear-piercing service, you can get your ears pierced in next to no time. The service is free when you purchase a pair of earrings. 

All piercings are carried out by our team of trained healthcare professionals, allowing us to provide an unrivalled service. With no appointment necessary, and our exclusive sterility guarantee, you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.

Pop in to your local Whitworth Pharmacy to get your ears pierced today.

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By using the exclusive Inverness Ear Piercing System we are able to guarantee sterility using a medically hygienic, no-touch system (no piercing guns are used). 

The piercing cartridges hide and protect the piercing post until the point of piercing the ear. Meaning that the piercing post is not exposed to the surroundings, reducing the risk of contamination and infection.

We also use sharper, ultra-thin piercing posts which not only reduce the piercing sensation, but also cause less damage to the ear itself. This gives you a less painful experience and added peace of mind when it comes to sterility. 

Our ear-piercing service includes a bottle of aftercare solution to keep your new piercing clean and free from infection. It’s soothing, moisturizing and suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Aftercare is particularly important to ensure your newly pierced ears heal properly. When you have your ears pierced at Whitworth, our highly trained staff will be on hand to provide you with an extensive aftercare routine. 

Here are some extra healing tips:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your new piercing.

  • Slide your earring back and forth when you are cleaning it to help the aftercare solution reach the piercing area itself, 

  • Gently rotate your piercing earrings at least 3 times a day, ideally after applying the aftercare solution.

  • When brushing your hair be careful to not knock or scratch your newly pierced ears.

  • Avoid irritating your piercing with hair products, shampoo or soap. If this does occur, clean your piercing with the aftercare solution.

Regular earlobe piercings usually take around six weeks to heal. Cartilage piercings take longer - usually around 12 weeks.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Our ear-piercing service is currently offered within the following branches:

  • The ear-piercing service is free when you buy a pair of earrings from our pharmacies. 

  • You should clean the front and back of your ears at least three times per day using a clean cotton pad soaked with our aftercare solution. You should also turn the earrings regularly to prevent them sticking to your ear. 

  • The quickest way to hear your ears after piercing is to clean them religiously, turn the earrings regularly and leave the piercing in place until your ears have healed completely.

Looking for ear piercing from trained healthcare professionals? For safe and hygienic piercings, use our popular walk-in service at your local Whitworth Pharmacy.