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Pharmacy Services

Dispensing of Medicines

Get your prescriptions sent to Whitworth giving you flexibility of ordering, delivery or collection and speak to a pharmacist about medication concerns.

Get your prescriptions sent to Whitworth giving you flexibility of ordering, delivery or collection and speak to a pharmacist about medication concerns.

Flexible and easy dispensing of your medication

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS funded service that allows your prescriptions to be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice and have the option of home delivery. 

This means you do not have to make unnecessary trips to the GP to collect a paper prescription then physically take it to the pharmacy because it is all done for you. It saves time, money and hassle. 

It also allows you to phone your pharmacy directly to request your repeat prescription or use the NHS app to manage and reorder your medication. 

Pop into your local Whitworth Pharmacy today and ask for more information about the efficient and easy Electronic Prescription Service.

  • You can get the medicine you need with just three easy steps. 

    Step 1: Choose Whitworth
    First, you need to nominate Whitworth as the pharmacy you wish to use. 

    You can do this by speaking to your GP or popping into your local Whitworth pharmacy and having a chat. You can also change this or cancel anytime you like. 

    If you would like to have home delivery, please speak to our pharmacy directly so we understand your needs.  

    Step 2: Your prescription is sent electronically from your GP surgery to the pharmacy
    When you are issued a prescription, it will be sent automatically from your GP surgery directly to the pharmacy. We will then prepare your medicine for you, ready to be collected or delivered. 

    Step 3: Get your medicine
    Once your medicine is ready, you can either pop into your nominated pharmacy for easy collection or our friendly delivery driver will bring it straight to your home.

  • 1. How much does the NHS Electronic Prescription Service cost? 
    The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is NHS-funded. However, unless you are NHS-exempt, you will need to pay a prescription charge for each item, set by the NHS. We only collect these charges for the NHS, which takes them back from us at the end of each month. 

    2. Do I need to be at home for my delivery?
    Not at all, although you can arrange your delivery at a time to better suit you if you would prefer. Just speak to your local Whitworth Pharmacy for more information.  

    3. What if I have a question about my medication?
    If you have any questions regarding your medication, you can speak to one of our friendly pharmacists by popping into your local branch, or by giving them a ring. We can also conduct a Medication Use Review if required. Speak to one of our pharmacists for more information.

Picking up your paper prescription from your GP and then collecting your medication can be inconvenient. Choosing Whitworth as your nominated pharmacy through the Electronic Prescription Service can make life simpler. Your GP will send your prescription directly to us, we’ll prepare your medication for you to collect or arrange delivery. Call us today to find out more.