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Turning Blue Monday around to focus on your health and wellbeing

Monday the 21st January 2019 is Blue Monday which is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The day usually falls on the third Monday of each January.

The excitement of Christmas has ended, everyone seems to be waiting for pay day and we are three weeks into the New Year resolutions. That’s if you’ve kept up the New Year resolutions? Not to mention the dark and cold weather January brings us.

So instead of writing off this day why not use it to help raise your spirits and look after your health. Here are a few ideas we have come up with to inspire you on Blue Monday.


Health check

Visiting your local pharmacy for a Medicine User Review can help to improve understanding of your medication, highlight problems and find solutions and reduce any medicine waste. The appointment is free and totally confidential, putting your mind to rest over what is on your prescription.

Some pharmacies also provide an NHS health check. This is a free health check of your overall health for those people aged between 40 – 74 years old and you’re entitled to this health check every five years.

The health check takes between 20 – 30 minutes and can tell you if you’re at risk of developing certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease or stroke. You can also cover lower risk topics such as diet, physical activity, blood pressure, cholesterol or stopping smoking.

Click here to find your local branch.


Pamper day

Why not create your own pamper day taking time out to do something you enjoy. This could be something as little as taking a hot bath.

During winter our skin needs extra care from the cold air outside to the warm central heating which can all dry our skin out. Your pharmacy provides skincare products, gentle makeup removers and body lotions to get you through those harsh winter months.

A popular skincare range that we stock in store and online is Aveeno. These products use naturally active ingredients to provide real skincare benefits. The product range includes body washes, moisturises, hair care and hand care for dry, sensitive skin through to normal skin types.

Click here to find your local branch or shop online with us.


Healthy Living Pharmacy

A healthy living pharmacy gives you a local source to understand health issues, with their aim being to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community. 

A pharmacy is a quick and easy way to get advice on health issues. Offering walk in clinics for a private consultation which provides rapid diagnosis and treatment for certain low acuity conditions. A health living pharmacy can also help with services such as weight management, stopping smoking and healthy heart checks.

Find your local healthy living pharmacy.


Mental wellbeing

The Samaritans are looking to raise our mood this Blue Monday by creating ‘Brew Monday’. This event is aimed for people to get together with friends, family or colleagues and have a brew on Monday.

This event gives people a reason to get together and have a chat. Talking and listening to others can help our mental wellbeing and help to ease concerns or find the right level of support we need.

Read more about ‘Brew Monday’ on the Samaritans website.