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Summer Foot Care Guide: How to Make Your Feet Ready For Sandals!

Summer is here! It’s time to kick off those winter boots, let down your hair and get yourself ready to soak up the sunshine. We can’t wait!  


If you’re anything like us, you’re stocking up on your sunscreen, buying insect repellent spray, staying COVID-savvy and checking whether you need travel vaccinations or boosters.  


But don’t forget to take care of your feet!  


They carry you miles every day, you squeeze them into shoes and they support your body. We need to take care of them or else we could suffer from painful and unsightly problems that leave us wanting to hide them away again.  


To help, we’ve created a quick summer foot guide to ensure you can be proud of your feet and enjoy the summer to the max.  


1. Avoid tight-fitting shoes 

Don’t believe what you hear- your shoes should never hurt your feet. If they do, it’s time to swap your footwear for the sake of your health.  

Avoid wearing heels as much as possible because they shift the weight onto the ball of your foot and your toes will absorb the pressure and cause bunions, calluses, pain and even hammer toes.  

Finally, always remove your shoes when you get home and consider getting inserts to ease the pressure.


2. Treat your foot problems ASAP 

Check your feet daily for cuts, sores, swellings, fungal nail infections, corns or other signs of problems. If you spot any issues, make sure you get them treated- if you don’t, they could end up getting worse.  

Visit Whitworth Pharmacy today to find out how we can help or pop to our online shop here for free home delivery, stress-free.  


3. Moisturise them daily 

It’s not only your face and body that need to be moisturised so they stay in tip-top condition. So do your feet!  

Start by washing them gently in the shower using warm water, dry them well (even between your toes) then apply a moisturiser. This will help protect your feet from becoming rough or cracked and keep them looking youthful and gorgeous. Avoid getting the moisturiser between your toes as this can worsen any skin problem  

4. Switch shoes every day 

Keep your feet healthier by wearing a different pair every day. This will help avoid foot strain, reduce your chances of blisters and give you a good excuse to go shoe shopping!  

5. Trim your toenails carefully 

When you cut your toenails, always use a nail clipper and go straight across. Then use an emery board to smooth the corners and prevent the nail from growing into your skin and getting painful. Whilst you’re there, why not use some bright and cheerful nail varnish to add a touch of glamour?  

6. Apply Sunscreen 

We often forget that our feet need to be protected from the sun, just as much as the rest of our bodies. When you’re wearing sandals, they’ll be just as exposed as the rest of your body.  

Read our blog post here for advice on using sunscreen then treat yourself to a high SPF cream to offer you maximum protection from the sun’s harmful and ageing UVA and UVB rays.  

Follow the tips we’ve shared here and you have summer-ready feet that you can be proud of. Avoid uncomfortable shoes, moisturise and apply sunscreen, cut your nails carefully and make sure you treat any issues before they get worse.  

Shop online or visit your local Whitworth Pharmacy for foot care products.