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Streamlining our Blackpool Home Delivery Service in response to COVID

Our free home delivery service has long played a central role in our ability to take care of people like you in the local community. Even if you can’t come directly into one of our branches or prefer to stay safe at home, you can have your prescription delivered directly to your door. It doesn’t matter if you’re housebound or you simply prefer the convenience of home delivery, we can take care of it all. Unlike many other pharmacies, we don’t expect you to meet any set criteria but believe everyone should benefit.  


Over the years, we’ve had individual delivery drivers to work for each branch in the Blackpool area. Although they did cross paths at times, we felt that this worked well for both our customers and our pharmacy team members. However, the workload of our delivery service has increased since COVID so we decided to review our internal process for deliveries in the Blackpool area. We soon realised that there was a more efficient and environmentally friendly way we could run our service.  


This led us to restructure our free home delivery service for the Blackpool area.  


We have 6 pharmacies in Blackpool and a dedicated delivery team that can support the whole of Blackpool. The internal changes make it much easier for us to deliver your medicines quickly and efficiently.  


Here’s how it will work:  

  • We’ve divided the entire Blackpool area into special zones for delivery.  

  • Our five Blackpool drivers will be based in just one pharmacy, but you will still order your prescription from any of the 6 pharmacies in Blackpool.  

  • Each driver will know all routes and tasks to provide a seamless and efficient delivery service.  

  • You’ll get to know several friendly local faces.  

  • We will be able to provide a prescription delivery service for the whole of Blackpool. 

  • Delivery will remain completely FREE. 


These changes also help to minimise our impact on the environment (as we can reduce duplicate journeys), reduce the workload for our staff, and allow us to focus more of our efforts on what we do best - supporting your health.  


So what does this mean for you? 

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve made these changes to improve the level of service we offer our customers in Blackpool. We also want to ensure you can continue to get free home delivery, regardless of what is going on in the world.  

Using the free delivery service is as easy and straightforward as it has always been.  

Pop into your local branch or give us a ring and ask us about free home delivery.  



With 6 pharmacies in the Blackpool area and a team of dedicated delivery drivers we are able to deliver your medicines directly to your door more efficiently than ever before and support the WHOLE of the Blackpool community. Why not sign up for free home delivery for your medicines and try the new improved service for yourself?