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Pharmacy Foundation Training Year Feedback: Mike

Here at Whitworth Pharmacy, we offer a high-quality pharmacy foundation training year that provides hands-on experience with members of the public and allows you to put your prior learning into practice.


By taking part, you’ll also gain valuable experience, build your confidence and benefit from outstanding career opportunities within our pharmacy group.


Every year, we welcome pre-registration pharmacists to our branches. In 2021, our four participating branches have been in Gateshead, Murton, Fitzwilliam and Nelson.


Here’s some feedback from one of our recent team members, Mike.


How have you found training with Whitworth Pharmacy?

Overall, I have enjoyed the training and learned a great deal. I’ve gained valuable experience and the confidence to practice as a pharmacist with help from the team at Fitzwilliam, other Whitworth colleagues and the Buttercup’s training scheme.


How have you found Whitworth as a company to work for and what are the benefits of working with us?

I enjoy the close-knit team and the support that I have received when I have needed it. I have never been let down when requesting any help.

I am particularly happy with the offer to continue working with Whitworth as a provisionally registered pharmacist and appreciate the opportunity very much during this challenging COVID period.


How have you been supported in your role?

Lynne was an amazing support and really put effort into helping me with my training and making sure I got the most from my pre-reg year. The team make it clear that there is no such thing as a silly question and will help with any problems, no matter how big or small.

Also, the other members of staff at Fitzwilliam welcomed me and supported me through learning the systems and procedures of the company and advised me what to do if any issues were to arise.

Have you worked with different members of the team in the pharmacy? If so, how have you found this?

I have learnt a lot from the experience of the other members of the team at Fitzwilliam, particularly from the ACTs who have taken me through the services that they take part in such as smoking cessation.

Also, I learned about the way that they involve the patients in their own treatment to improve outcomes.

The rest of the team have talked me through their individual areas of expertise such as shop items, helping me with OTC sales and advising patients, and MDS provision, helping me with standards of checking, communicating changes and information with patients and prescribers.

How has this training period helped you prepare for your career?

I have learned a lot of transferable skills during my time at Whitworth.

Most of the learning that I did at university has been put into context and consolidated to give me a more holistic view of providing pharmacy services and how to be a leader within a team to give a high standard of care to all patients.


How has COVID impacted your training?

Lynne advised me to explore opportunities such as spending time in the GP surgery and visiting Rokshaw but unfortunately, I was unable to follow through due to COVID restrictions in those organisations.

Learning with Buttercups was also online rather than face-to-face which was not ideal as I prefer to have that interactive element when learning. But I was still supported to the best of my tutor's ability.


Why did you decide to train as a pharmacist?

I’ve always been interested in health care and learning about taking care of my own body. When my grandma was in the hospital with a heart condition, she suggested that I would be good at providing medicines and helping people and I took it from there.


To find out more about our foundation year training contact us today.