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Keeping Kids Healthy When They Go Back to School

Back to school is always an exciting time for kids. They look forward to being back with their friends, pulling out their brand-new fancy pencil case and getting back into the familiar rhythm.

But for parents, it can be nerve-racking. You worry about how they’ll settle in, whether they will enjoy the learning process and most of all, whether they’ll get sick. Because as we all know, when kids attend school or nursery, they pick up every illness going around. 

So, protect your family, ease their back-to-school transition and help them learn and thrive by getting yourself prepared beforehand.


Defeating head lice

Head lice are a common problem for children of all ages, especially when they head back to school after the summer. As a parent, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to keep treating the critters, only to find them coming back a short time later.

However, you can stop the infuriating itch and zap those head lice for good by choosing a powerful and effective head lice treatment. You can shop online to buy our head lice products and have the convenience of them being shipping straight to your home.

If you want to ask more about the best product for your family and how to use it effectively you can pop into your local pharmacy today.


Topping up energy levels

Keep your kids energetic, happy and ready to learn by filling their tummies with nutritious food whenever you can.

Make sure they’re eating a healthy, balanced diet full of plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins and keep processed junk foods to a minimum.

Also, consider how you can make healthy switches that will keep them fuelled all day and take care of their growing bodies. Instead of popping a slice of cake or bag of crisps into their lunchboxes, why not add a crunchy apple or a bag of plain popcorn instead?

If your kids are fussy eaters, consider topping up with a multivitamin to cover any nutritional gaps. Want to feed your kids a healthier diet? Pop into your local branch and ask us for healthy lifestyle advice today!


Dealing with bugs

Prepare yourself for those common runny noses, coughs, colds, tummy bugs and other illnesses that your kids pick up at school by stocking up on everything you might need beforehand. Whether it’s throat lozenges, vapour rub, rehydration sachets, Calpol or other pain killers that you need, you’ll help them feel more comfortable and get back on their feet faster.


Controlling hay fever and other allergies

If your child suffers from allergies, it’s vital to get them under control before you send them back into a classroom. Hay fever continues through September and its typically weed pollen that people will suffer with. This causes runny noses, sneezing, itchy skin or even more severe reactions which can leave your child feeling uncomfortable and potentially interrupt learning.

Many antihistamines aren’t suitable for children or cause drowsiness so it’s important to speak to your pharmacist beforehand to get the right product for you.

It’s also worth setting up a meeting with the school if they suffer from serious allergies to food, insect stings, pets or other similar triggers so this can be managed.


Managing asthma

Asthma can disrupt learning and limit your child’s participation in sports or classroom activities.

But if you teach your child to manage their symptoms, they can feel empowered to deal with it themselves, so they don’t have to miss out on all the fun!

Ensure your child knows how to use their inhaler effectively and what to do if they experience symptoms. Also, speak to the school to ensure they understand the circumstances so they can better support your child when they’re at school.

Newly diagnosed or just need help managing your child’s asthma symptoms? Ask us for help today.


Topping up vitamin D

September spells the end of summer which makes it harder than ever for you and your child to get adequate vitamin D. This essential vitamin is needed for strong and healthy bones and teeth, a healthy immune system and hormonal balance and often we don’t get enough from our diets.

To help safeguard their health, be sure to include oily fish and fortified foods in their diet and consider giving them a vitamin D supplement to give you complete peace of mind. Need advice? Speak to a pharmacist today.

This year, make sure you are fully prepared for your kids going back to school. Top up your supplies of painkillers, Calpol and other medications, empower your child to manage their own health condition, and ensure the school understands any pre-existing health conditions. By doing so, you’ll keep your child healthy so they can learn more and have fun!