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Healthy Eating Week 2022: Eating Well for Yourself & The Planet

Many of us wish we could be healthier. We keep meaning to eat our 5-a-day, drink enough water and get more active but life just gets in the way. We get distracted, have multiple responsibilities to juggle and just never get around to it.  


But don’t worry- this June it’s your chance to make a change!  


From 13th to 17th, it’s the British Nutrition Foundation’s 10th Healthy Eating Week and we want to encourage YOU to take part.  


Simply register to download their free resources and follow their themes for each day of the week then notice how much better you feel!  

What is the British Nutrition Foundation’s 10th Healthy Eating Week?  

British Nutrition Foundation’s 10th Healthy Eating Week aims to highlight what we can do to eat better. This year, it’s all about eating well for you and the planet.  


Whether you’re an individual, family, preschool, school, workplace or community group, you can get involved.  


Every day of the week focuses on a different way you can make those tiny healthier choices that make a huge difference. These are:  


  • Monday: Focus on fibre for meals and snacks 

  • Tuesday: Eat at least 5 A DAY. Fill up your plate!  

  • Wednesday: Get creative with your protein  

  • Thursday: Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water 

  • Friday: Reduce food waste. Know your portions

But you don’t need to go it alone.  

Head over to their website, pop your details into the contact form and you’ll receive all updates about the resources that you can use along the way. This includes activity packs, posters, health trackers, certificates and online events that will help you enjoy taking part.  

Why should we eat healthier?  

Our food choices significantly affect our lives. If we make healthy choices, we’ll maintain a healthy weight, feel happier, think more clearly, have more energy and better control or even prevent future health problems.  


Eat a balanced diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit, healthy proteins and fats plus wholegrains whilst avoiding highly processed foods and we’ll soon notice the difference.  


What do our eating habits have to do with the planet?  

Eating a healthy diet isn’t only about taking care of our bodies. It also affects the planet.  


As the scientific journal, Nature says; “Every morsel of food from every plate, bowl and cooking pot around the world takes a small bite from Earth's resources. The human diet places a strain on the environment, water resources, biodiversity and just about every other measure of planetary health.” 


If we’re making poor food choices and wasting food unnecessarily, we could actually contribute to climate change, instead of working to protect our planet. This is such an issue that the UK Government has committed to halving the amount of food waste produced by the UK by 2030. 


For these reasons, day five of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week 2022 focuses on food waste and how we can get savvier in the kitchen.  


If you’d like to find out more about reducing food waste, visit Love Food Hate Waste or WRAP.   


So, what are you waiting for? Get involved, improve your health and protect the future of our planet for generations to come!  


Healthy Eating Week 2022 is supported by Tesco, Quorn Foods, Sodexo, AB Mauri UK & Ireland, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), FDF Action on Fibre, General Mills, innocent drinks, Marks and Spencer, UK Flour Millers and Waitrose & Partners.