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Five Healthy Travel Tips to Follow in 2022

Most of us love the idea of packing our bags, hopping on a plane and soaking up a week or two of pure, unadulterated sunshine.

But before you go, make sure you’ve got your travel essentials packed and understand how to stay healthy whether you’re travelling abroad or just enjoying a UK staycation in 2022.

To help, we’ve gathered together five healthy travel tips to ensure you can enjoy your trip without the stress or hassle of figuring out what you need.

1. Sort your health concerns before you go

Before you pack your bags and head off on your adventures, make sure you get your health problems sorted. Getting ill or having a flare-up of a long-term condition is the last thing you want when you’re enjoying yourself on the beach.

Speak to our team of friendly pharmacists for up-to-date health advice or make an appointment with your doctor at least a couple of weeks beforehand.

Also, remember that you can use our Healthera app to order your repeat prescriptions and get them delivered straight to your door so you’re stocked up and ready to go!

2. Get up to date with your vaccinations

Do you need travel vaccinations? Not had your COVID booster shot yet? Get in touch with our pharmacists. We offer a travel clinic that can help you get travel-ready without the stress and confusion of online advice.

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen and Always wear sunglasses

Whether you’re going abroad somewhere sunny or enjoying a staycation this year, you’ll need to use high-quality sunscreen. This helps protect your family’s health, reducing your risk of painful sunburn and skin cancer whilst helping you to look younger for longer. 

We offer a wide range of fantastic sun cream and aftersun in your local pharmacy and in our online shop.

Did you know that it’s not only your skin that needs protection from the sun? Your eyes can also become damaged if they’re exposed to too many UV rays. 

The solution? Get everyone in your family a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. You’ll protect your sight, prevent cancer, and avoid irritation and dryness whilst looking years younger.

4. Pack your first aid kit

Accidents can happen, even when we least expect them.

Be prepared by packing a first aid kit including plasters, painkillers, mosquito repellent and hand sanitiser to ensure you are ready for whatever emergency happens. You’ll be better able to solve whatever health problem happens without needing to rush to A&E or trying to find the nearest pharmacy.

Here at Whitworth, we love the Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit because it’s perfectly sized for travel, includes all the basics and won’t eat into your travel budget.

5. Check whether you need a COVID test

Although many travel restrictions around the world have ended, certain countries still require COVID PCR tests before travel or proof of vaccination.

Make sure you check the rules for your destination before you book your trip and just before you travel because they can often change without warning. You should also pack face masks and hand sanitiser gel for the whole family in case local rules apply or you want to stay safe.

Follow the healthy travel tips we’ve shared here by checking whether you need vaccinations, getting a first aid kit, wearing sunglasses and sunscreen and checking the COVID rules in your destination.


Need more help? Pop into your pharmacy for advice.