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Best Acne & Blemish Treatments: Getting Rid of Spots

Are you sick of struggling with your acne-prone skin or breakouts and want a skincare solution that actually works? We’re here to help. We stock a wide range of Acnecinamide products which play a key part in the reduction and elimination of troublesome spots and acne. 

We’ve gathered together our best acne skincare tips along with our favourite Acnecinamide products to help you clear up your skin.  


  1. Cleanse twice a day

For blemish-free skin that glows with health, make sure you’re cleansing your face effectively. This will ensure you remove dirt, excess oils, pollution and dead skin cells that have built up over the day and keep those breakouts at bay. Even if you have extremely oily skin, avoid cleansing more than twice per day as this will only make matters worse. Choose a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate your skin with added antibacterial ingredients to help keep your skin an acne-free zone.    

We love...Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel  


  1. Try a sensitive foam 

If you have sensitive skin, you could also find you have red, irritated skin when you wake. Using a sensitive foam wash will gently cleanse your face and remove impurities, helping your skin to feel fresh. For those with hyper-sensitive skin, a foam wash will help calm the skin, and provide instant relief. With its ability to remove excessive oil, a sensitive foam wash will play a key role in your skin care routine giving your skin a soft and supple quality.  

We love…Acnecinamide Sensitive Foam Cleanser 


  1. Use a sensitive cream

If you struggle with skin imperfections, using a sensitive cream will help to retain moisture and give you a vibrant glow. Creams that calm the skin and give immediate relief to hyper-sensitive skin will help prevent redness, balance skin tone, and rejuvenate the texture of your skin. You’ll also soften and smooth your skin, reducing irritation and leaving your complexion clear and spot-free. 

We love…Acnecinamide Sensitive Cream  


  1. Use a peeling scrub

To get deeper into those pores, remove impurities and unblock those pores, use a regular peeling scrub for that spa-at-home feel. Many contain ingredients that are designed to clear pores without triggering irritation and have antibacterial properties to leave your skin glowing with health.  


Peeling scrubs help to combat spots and blemishes by deep cleansing clogged pores and removing bacteria. By gently exfoliating your dead skin cells you can control excessive oil production and reduce redness. 

We love…Acnecinamide Peeling Scrub 


  1. Control your attack! 

Using a toner can help reduce redness, swelling and discomfort and help promote faster healing. Toners help to control acne inducing bacteria that leads to spots and blemishes by reducing the size of enlarged skin pores to stop the bacteria from entering. Simply dab a small amount of the treatment over the affected area once or twice per day after your face wash and leave to dry out before using any other applications. 

We love…Acnecinamide Toner 



Whether you’re suffering from the occasional breakout or are struggling with constant acne, there’s an Acnecinamide skincare solution for you. Make sure you cleanse thoroughly, control those spots when they happen and keep to a good routine. You’ll soon get those spots and blackheads under control.  


*If your acne is moderate to severe, please visit your GP for advice.