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Pharmacy Services

Asthma Consultations in Community Pharmacy

We offer an Asthma consultation in partnership with local General Practice to help you manage your Asthma effectively.

We offer an Asthma consultation in partnership with local General Practice to help you manage your Asthma effectively.

Monitor your Asthma with a consultation with our pharmacist

One of friendly pharmacist, working in partnership with the local General Practice, will conduct a face-to-face consultation about your Asthma in the pharmacy’s private consultation area.


The consultation will include an Asthma Control Test which will help us to better understand of why, when, and how you take your medication and allow us to offer advice and support with your inhaler technique.


If the pharmacist feel it is appropriate, alternative treatment options discussed with you, prior to our pharmacist informing the General Practice of the consultation outcome.


What will happen after the consultation?

Based on the consultation with our pharmacist, there may be some outcomes which could include any of the following:

·         No action necessary, your asthma is well controlled, and the current medication regimen is optimal.

·         A change or update to your Asthma Action Plan if you have agreed to a change/update in the asthma action plan. The details of this will be provided to yourself and your GP surgery.

·         A change of medication if after the assessment it is agreed that it is needed to change your medication the pharmacist will arrange for a new prescription. You will have a follow-up with the pharmacist when the new medication has been started to ensure you are getting the optimal benefit from the medication.

·         A referral to the GP or Asthma Nurse if the pharmacist feels appropriate, they will inform your GP surgery that a consultation with the GP or Asthma Nurse is recommended.

Frequently asked questions:

  • No, this is an NHS service so there is no cost for the consultation.

  • The consultation normally takes around 30 minutes and will take place in the consultation room in the pharmacy.

  • We recommend booking this service before visiting the pharmacy, this can be done via phoning our Linthorpe Pharmacy on 01642 850811.

If you have any concerns about your Asthma please contact your local Whitworth Pharmacy.

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