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Pharmacy Foundation Training Year Feedback: Tejus

Pre-Registration Pharmacy Training forms a crucial part of your training to become a pharmacist. It allows you to gain practical experience with members of the public, build your confidence and understand how to put your knowledge into practice in the real world.


Here at Whitworth Pharmacy, we offer high-quality Pre-Registration Pharmacy Training at our participating branches.


Training with the Whitworth team can accelerate your pharmacy career. But don’t just take it from us - here’s some feedback from one of our recent team members, Tejus.


How have you found the training with Whitworth Pharmacies?

I found working and training at Whitworth's to be quite insightful. I'd only worked at one pharmacy prior to Whitworth’s, and I found the management to be very welcoming and helpful.


How have you found Whitworth Pharmacy as a company to work for and what are the benefits of working with us?

Whitworth as a company has been very accommodating and helpful during my pre-registration year.

When I had lost my original pre-registration tutor, the company worked with me to find a suitable replacement. When I relocated pharmacy for this reason, I was compensated appropriately for the mileage. This made things a lot easier for me with regards to travelling to work.

Working with Whitworth Pharmacy means that you get the added benefit of being put through the Buttercups Pre Registration program. There were allocated study days where we would go through seminars and this helped me when studying for my exams.


How have you been supported in your role?

The level of support I received from the company, my tutor, and the staff/colleagues I worked with was fantastic.

They supported me through my studies, answered any queries or questions I had about my role and about practicing as a pharmacist, and my colleagues have been very supportive about my issues outside of work.


Have you worked with different members of the team in the pharmacy? If so, how have you found this?

Working with different people in the pharmacy has allowed me to see how different people with different personalities work and this allowed me to learn different perspectives around the pharmacy.

This also allowed me to further my development in different areas of the pharmacy as well, from MDS trays to ETP electronic Rxs.


How has this training period helped you prepare for your career?

These training periods have helped my development significantly and allowed me to be confident as the Responsible Pharmacist on my first shift alone. It has also given me contacts that I can turn to if I run into anything I haven't seen before and provided the support I need if I ever have any trouble in the pharmacy.


How has COVID impacted your training?

COVID threw a wrench into the works when it came to my training. However, thanks to Whitworth, I was able to make the most of it.

There was a lack of in-person consultations due to COVID, but towards the end of the year, I was able to get the practice I needed.

Why did you decide to train as a pharmacist?

I chose to become a pharmacist because I love helping people. I love to make sure people are safe taking their medications and I really enjoy chatting to patients and developing a relationship with them.


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